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F Series

General Description

The F series features progressive density fiberglass media pad allowing for full depth filtration. The adhesive coated fibers purpose to retent dusts which have been captured,thus minimizing dusts by pass. Frame: Strength Beverage cardboard Ex: Canada or reusable alumunium frame.


  • Heavy-duty pre-filter for extending the life of higher efficiency filters
  • Suitable for use in a dusty condition

Filter Media

  • High density fiberglass media pad (Excellent quality media with high dust holding capacity)
  • Progressive density media from coarse to fine fibers (Full dust loading throughout the depth of the filter media for extended service life)
  • Unique leno-backing design unlike traditional design (Maintains dimensional stability and adds to the rigidity of the filter structure)
  • Fibers are treated with heavy coating of special adhesives (Maximizes dust retention as dusts trapped will bond to the filter fibers)

Filter Construction

  • High wet strength, doule-wall beverage carrier board frame (High strength and moisture-resistant board frame)
  • Media is bonded to every cell side (Ensures no dirty air by-pass around the filter)
  • Media is bonded to all points of the die-cut board frame (Adds to the rigidity of the filter)


  • Filter is covered with carton layer when delivered (Media protection from handling damage)

Advantages over Substitutes

  • F Series (Pre-filter pleated panel) (Has higher dust holding capacity and more suited for coarse dust applications, so longer lifetime)
  • W Series (Washable filter) (Relatively inexpensive) + (Maintenance-free: 'useand- dispose' system [Several times of washing is equivalent to one use of F Series])(If the dust is sticky and oily, then the washable filter could not be washed surely)

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We already succesfully audited according to ISO 9001-2008
We already succesfully audited according to ISO 9001-2008