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MB Series

General Description

The MB Series is commonly used as medium filter in variable air flow condition, usually in clean room applications as pre-filter filter to extend the life of higher efficiency filters or as final filter.

Fiberglass media: ex USA. PU sealant is used between media and frames to better prevent leakage and damage (not hot melt sealant).


  • Final filter or as pre-filter to extend the life of higher efficiency in variable airflow conditions

Available Types

  • Single Header, Double Header, and No Header
  • MB-48: also available in high capacity type (higher media area, longer service life, and may be a more cost-efficient option in the long run)

Filter Media (ex USA/Europe)

  • Highest grade micro-fine fiberglass media (Excellent quality, moistureresistant media)
  • Uniform corrugated aluminium separators with folded edges (Maintains uniform pleat spacing for uniform airflow distribution) + (No sharp edges which may tear the media or cause operational injuries)
  • The media is strongly bonded to each cell side and ample Polyurethane sealant is applied to the cell sides perpendicular to the media (Maximum sealing to ensure no leakage between the spacing of the media and cell sides)

Filter Construction

  • The frame and cell sides are self-manufactured using excellent roller formers (Quality is closely monitored and controlled)
  • U-Shape unique interlocked header design with no welding and no sharp corners (Ensures no dirty air by-pass around the filter) + (Promotes easy and safe handling during installation)
  • The back of the filter is supported with X-shape steel bars (Provides additional support to the filter)

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We already succesfully audited according to ISO 9001-2008
We already succesfully audited according to ISO 9001-2008