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PF Series

General Description

Engineered to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), PF Series pocket filter is characterized by the highest dust holding capacity fiberglass media. PF Series pocket filter serve two primary functions: as pre-filter to extend the service life of higher efficiency filters or as final filter in constant or variable airflow conditions. Rigid frames, no sharp edges (safe for installation).


  • Pre-filter to extend the life of higher efficiency filters or final in constant airflow condition
  • Also possible to be used in variable air volume systems

Filter Media

  • High loft fiberglass media imported from US manufacturer (High dust holding capacity media of superior quality)
  • Uniform aerodynamic pocket spacer (Full inflation without blocking the pockets)
  • Edges feature stitched carefully (Combine with wax glued span-stitching media is leak free)
  • Adhesive gel is applied a long all cell sides (Act as cushion to protect the media from tearing)

Filter Construction

  • The frame of the filter is self-manufactured using made-in-USA machines (Quality is closely monitored)
  • No staples is used (Sturdy construction with no sharp edges)
  • Each pocket media is clinched to the mouth ring and each mouth ring is clinched to the header (Pockets are securely fastened) + (Sturdy construction)
  • Unique header design with no welding (No welding and only one rivet is needed)


  • Filter is covered with carton layer when delivered (Media protection from handling damage)
  • Pockets are pre-folded (Space efficient during storage and transportation)
  • Filter is strapped with paper (Easy removal during installation)

Advantages over Substitutes

  • Compared to Synthetic media bag filter, Fiberglass media bag offers higher dust holding capacity & longer service life.

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We already succesfully audited according to ISO 9001-2008
We already succesfully audited according to ISO 9001-2008